Month: October 2017

About Flexi Time

About Flexi Time

So, what’s the big deal?  Another mummy crusade?  Another burn your bra moment? Well in a word no! The movement behind flexible working is slowly gaining momentum thanks to some great efforts on social media and you can see why – it quite simply makes […]

What Katie Did Next …..

What Katie Did Next …..

At the start of this year I made a promise to myself – to (every so often) to put myself first, to do something this year that I was passionate about, just for me.  So once Christmas and the first half term of the year […]

A Letter To My Beautiful Belle 💖

A Letter To My Beautiful Belle 💖

Dear Belle 💖

It’s hard to believe that today you turn 3 years old!  It’s an emotional day for me as I feel 3 marks you being a bonafide toddler, you are no longer a baby.

Lately I have been thinking that the phrase “the days are long but the years are short” is so incredibly true.  Personally I hate clichés but that doesn’t take away the fact this is true.  Sometimes I just concentrate on the long days, trying to juggle you, your brother, your daddy, my work and occasionally myself, it can all get a bit much and I find myself wishing the time away.  There always seems to be so much to do.  Of course then I immediately feel guilty because of course I don’t really want time to go quicker, in fact quite the opposite.  If I had my choice you would stay little forever!

I still remember the looking at you when you were born, in complete awe, especially as I wasn’t expecting you to be a girl.  On your Daddy’s side of the family boys are very much the theme so I just expected to have an army of boys.  So when you arrived I was both shocked and thrilled.  From the moment you were born you were so alert, so vocal, not crying, you just liked your voice – something that has continued as you have grown.

We left the hospital and went to Nanny and Grandads so that you could meet your big brother, who I’ll be completely honest took absolutely no notice of you.  His ‘Big Brother’ present, a new fire engine made you slightly more interesting but it wasn’t until about a week later that he realised you were in fact here to stay.

We settled into being a family of four and you slotted straight in.  You were a pretty chilled baby, which was lucky as half the time I was quite frankly ‘winging it’ as a mum of two.  There was a few times I would put you in your bouncy chair and you would simply watch us all rushing around, especially Max.  He was your most favourite person, still is.  I have truly loved watching the bond you and Max have grow.  You adore each other and really are the best of friends.

As I said earlier, you have always been incredibly vocal.  It started with shrieks (you would sit and happily entertain yourself shrieking away) and then came the singing.  I remember you singing before even forming real words.  You would sing yourself to sleep and then we would hear you singing over the monitor first thing in the morning.  You have always been and still are such a happy little girl.

I get told by Nanny and Grandad that you are my double.  Not just in looks, but character and attitude too.  Now if completely honest I’m not sure they always mean this as a compliment but I love it.  You are so confident, cheeky and fearless, qualities I am hoping and praying you hold on to.  You make not just us smile, but everyone you come into contact with, your happiness and enthusiasm for life is truly infectious.

I can’t wait to see what you are going to become, I know you plan to take on the world and I have a sneaky feeling you’ll conquer it.  Nothing gets in your way or stops you and I promise I will always be in your corner cheering you on.  The world had better watch out!

Stay fierce!

All my love always.

Mummy x💗x💗x