What Katie Did Next …..

What Katie Did Next …..

At the start of this year I made a promise to myself – to (every so often) to put myself first, to do something this year that I was passionate about, just for me.  So once Christmas and the first half term of the year was out of the way I started thinking.  I used to be a keen runner, so getting back to that and actually achieving an actual race (hello Great South Run) is on the list, but it isn’t something I can honestly say I’m passionate about.  Don’t get me wrong I’ll be proud of myself but it doesn’t seem enough (I may well think differently after mile 9)!

The first thing I decided to do was retrain.  I’m huge on learning and it’s felt like forever since I put myself out there so that’s where I started!  I stumbled across the Digital Mums Social Media Management course and read some great reviews so submitted my application and was chuffed as punch to get a phone call offering me a place.  I started the course in April and was so grateful that the first thing Digital Mum’s do is put you in a group with other mums, which will become your support network, your sounding board and quite frankly your lifesavers for the whole course.  And boy have my ladies been that!!

The Digital Mum’s course has given me a huge amount of knowledge and insight into the ever-changing world of social media.  I have a personal Facebook page, but had never entered the world of Twitter or Instagram so it really did feel like I was back at school.  Six months later, however I have a huge love for these platforms, who knew I’d be looking for an Insta pic everywhere I go!! 😀

My campaign for the course ‘About Flexi Time’ is a work campaign championing flexible working for parents.  As I looked more deeply into this subject and engaged more and more with influencers ambition was once again ignited inside of me.  I realised my passion really is business, especially mums in and running their own business.

I love running my business and I love being a mum and I found it interesting to read lately that more and more mothers are starting up their own small businesses.  I completely get why, flexible working hours, not having long commutes and having overall control of your employment are all extremely tempting prospects, especially when childcare costs are so damn high.  But if anyone thought being a mum and a business owner is easy they would be very much mistaken and I know from speaking to many mums they fall at the first hurdle, usually through lack of confidence and guidance.

When it comes to confidence and self-esteem I am also ‘one of those mums’.  I think most people would say I’m very confident, but to be honest I’ve got very good at faking it!

So I’ve decided to take my passion and write about it and give hints and tips where I can and hopefully help support those mums who want to take the leap into self-employment and boom A Mum Business was born!

I love speaking with people, whether that’s organisations that are doing amazing work to support flexibility in the workplace or inspirational parents who are solving problems or simply following their dreams by starting their own business.  So please stop by and take any info that is handy to you and be inspired by the people that I feature, or simply laugh along as my children do crazy things, I am still a parent after all 😉

Much love. K 💗

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